More culture in Tuscany

The following cities and towns in Tuscany are definitely worth visiting!

  • Lucca (25 km), park your car outside the city-walls and enjoy the medieval atmosphere. Visit the beautiful churches like the San Michele and the Duomo with the famous tomb of Ilaria del Caretto from Jacopo della Quercia (15th century). The Guinigi museum and the native house of Giacomo Puccini are also a must-see in Lucca. In autumn, there is also a festival with animated movies and comics
  • Pisa (55 km), everybody knows the leaning tower. You should definitely visit the Duomo and the Baptistry, and don’t forget the Camposanto. This square attracts a lot of tourists. Make a tour across the city and enjoy all the beautiful buildings, like Palazzo dei Cavalieri, and visit one of the beautiful museums.
  • Pietrasanta (60 km), a small city with a lovely square and several galleries. The town has been the living and working area for Botero. The church with Botero’s frescos that represent heaven and hell are certainly worth a visit.
  • Montecatini Terme (50 km), a charming and elegant spa centre. Take the cable car to Montecatini Alto and enjoy your open-air-dinner in the old town square.
  • Pistoia (65 km), a lovely city with a medieval square and a beautiful Duomo. Nice shopping streets and a lively vegetable market.
  • Vinci (70 km), visit the birth place of Leonardo and the museum with its collection of models based on Leonardo’s drawings and inventions.
  • Firenze (100 km), the city where the Renaissance was born and reached its summum. There is art everywhere and the city itself is basically one large museum.

The travel time to these cities and towns varies from 30 (Lucca) to 75 minutes (Firenze) and are ideal destinations for a day trip.
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